19 Aug 2022

Where to Eat in Norris Square

Where to Eat in Norris Square

Where to Eat in Norris Square

The Norris Square neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an area full of rich history and people devoted to their cause of developing the community. Over the years, Norris Square has evolved to fit the times and is quickly becoming a modern, developing area that is attracting many new residents. Whether you’re a resident of Norris Square, a visitor or someone looking to move here, it’s important to take a look at what’s around.

One of the most interesting things about Norris Square is the assortment of restaurants in its neighborhood and surrounding areas. With a variety of different cuisines and exquisite choices, there is something for everybody in Norris Square.

Top 10 Restaurants in Norris Square, Philadelphia

Norris Square is full of a diverse array of dining options. With all of the restaurants in and around Norris Square, it can be challenging to know what to choose — looking at a guide on the best restaurants and bars in Norris Square can be helpful.

10. Figo

This Italian-inspired restaurant offers an awesome ambiance with unique lighting, plenty of outdoor seating and impressive dishes. You’ll be able to enjoy customizable Italian soda platters, craft cocktails and rich, tasteful meals that are sure to impress.

9. The Love

With resh, hand-crafted meals and an environment full of local vigor, The Love is one of the best restaurants in Norris Square, Philadelphia. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of meals like crispy branzino and summer ratatouille of asparagus, baby back pork ribs and Mediterranean salmon.

8. Buddakan

One of the best things about the Norris Square neighborhood is you can experience many different cultures and cuisines within a close area. With one bite, you can be transported to a different part of the world that offers a unique blend of spices, ingredients and flavors.

Budakkan is a restaurant that does just this. Standing in front of the building is a 10-foot-tall Buddha — from there, you’ll enter into a cozy ambiance to enjoy your meal. Dishes like Kobe beef satay and edamame dumplings make up the amazing Asia cuisine.

7. Suraya

Featuring a market, restaurant and garden all in one, Suraya is a one-of-a-kind experience that introduces you to Levant-inspired dishes. Stop by and try a glass of Arak, enjoy cocktails and eat some wonderful food while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.


6. Sor Ynez

The name Sor Ynez is a tribute to the beloved figure in Mexico who held various positions as a scholar, nun, feminist, composer, poet and scholar. The restaurant pays homage to this impressive 17th-century woman. Walk inside the restaurant and feel the Mexican history surround you.

The beautiful designs are inspired by skilled artisans. Just as the interior uses raw materials to create a lasting design, the food uses natural ingredients to create flavorful, memorable dishes.

5. Talula’s Garden

Sometimes you might want a more intimate sort of dining restaurant — Talula’s Garden can offer that. With a dimly lit, elegant atmosphere, Talula’s Garden succeeds in making its customers feel welcomed and appreciated. Meals are made from locally sourced ingredients to create fresh, memorable dishes that satisfy. Pick from a variety of options like slow-roasted Pennsylvania suckling pig, seared sea scallops and gulf shrimp and pan-roasted salmon.

4. Parc

If you’re looking for a classy dining option with a wonderful selection of entrees, Parc is the place for you. Built to pay tribute to the classic French bistro, Parc features dishes like steak frites, escargots and fresh-baked croissants. With its airy, bright and intimate atmosphere, it’s like walking into Europe. For those who cherish a little lavishness, good wine and great food, stop by Parc for a treat.

3. Continental Mid-town

Continental Mid-town features an eclectic experience like no other. Walk inside, and you’ll immediately feel its uniqueness, with rounded booths in the center, an array of lights hanging from the ceiling and an upstairs where you can rest in a swinging basket chair. On beautiful nights, you can even spend some time outside on the rooftop patio.

And the aura is only part of the impressiveness of Continental Mid-town — enjoy flavorful dishes like shrimp pad thai and French onion soup dumplings.

2. Martha

Martha is an intimate dining experience and bar that will immediately make you feel like part of the community. It’s a community-driven establishment featuring locally sourced produce, natural wine, draft cocktails, hoagies and more. Enjoy a drink, sit for some local food and experience an authentic Norris Square bar.

1. El Vez

For a dining experience you won’t forget, you can visit El Vez, a restaurant that blends Mexican classics with traditional cooking and flashy, bright Latin decor. Customers can sink into high-backed, Hollywood-velvet booths and enjoy carne asada, red snapper and much more.

Visit the bar for a huge tequila selection and some of the best margaritas in the city. There’s nothing quite like a trip to El Viz. With flashy dining, tasty food and great drinks, El Vez is one of the top choices in the Norris Square area.

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As you can see, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the Norris Square neighborhood. With the variety in cuisine, unique dining environments and culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The neighborhood has a rich history of community that gives this area the ability to thrive. With one move, you can become a part of that community and help bring prosperity to the area.

If you’re looking to move to Norris Square, you might be trying to find the right place to live. This can be a challenging process. If you’re new to the area, you may not know the best options. For this reason, it’s important to get in touch with an experienced real estate service that can guide you through the process.

At Streamline, we help you find the right spot for you. Whether you’re looking for a single-family or multifamily home, we will help you get what you need. We are committed to designing and building great homes for you and take extra care to help develop the neighborhoods that we build in.

We understand how important it is to have the home you want in the neighborhood you want. If you’re looking for properties for sale in Norris Square, be sure to reach out to Streamline so we can help make your dreams a reality. For more information, contact us today!