12 Jan 2021

Guide to Renting in Philly

If the City of Brotherly Love is calling your name, you need to know more about renting in Philly. From the variety of neighborhoods the city has to offer to know how to pick from all the rental properties in Philadelphia, everything in this guide to renting in Philly will walk you through what you need to know. Get ready to choose the right rental property for you and to call this historical city home.

Philadelphia Neighborhood Considerations

As a city centered around community, Philadelphia puts great value into its neighborhoods. Each neighborhood offers something unique to its residents. With those offerings, renting in the city is ideal for everyone, from young couples to established residents. Possible neighborhoods to live in around Philadelphia include:

  • Point Breeze is an up-and-coming neighborhood full of fun and culture.
  • Kensington has a thriving brewery and bar scene.
  • Olde Kensington features airy properties that draw in younger renters.
  • Brewerytown has a mix of new and established residents living in converted historical breweries.
  • Queen Village hosts shopping districts and dining spots.
  • Old City has plenty of restaurants and a lively nightlife.
  • Northern Liberties is home to plenty of bars and hosts festivals throughout the year.
  • Center City includes smaller villages and areas that are trendy and high-end.
  • South Philadelphia is a younger neighborhood in the city.

Those and various other neighborhoods throughout the city would make the perfect location for your future rental property, but you just have to know which is right for you. As you think about which Philadelphia neighborhood to live in, you can make that decision easier by:

  • Considering your priorities: You likely have a must-have list for your future rental property. But you should also have one for your future neighborhood. For families, a top priority could be schools within the area. If you don’t plan on having a car with you in the city, you could have a few priorities — you may want a more central neighborhood or one with plenty of amenities within walking distance and access to public transportation.
  • Walking around the block: If you’re near the Philadelphia area, take a walk around the neighborhoods you’re considering. You’ll be able to get a feel for the neighbors, the rental properties in Philadelphia and what the neighborhoods have to offer.

Commuting Benefits in Philadelphia

Renting in Philly gives you access to convenient commuting options through the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), which includes a train and subway system and buses. A considerable portion of the SEPTA subway and train goes along Broad Street from North to South Philly. There are other lines servicing various areas of the city, as well.

Certain neighborhoods and parts of neighborhoods have more convenient access to public transportation. As you walk around a neighborhood to find your future rental property, consider if the bus, train or subway stops are within a reasonable distance for you, especially if you’ll be commuting for work or plan to experience as much of Philadelphia as you can.

Living in the city and working in or near it means you don’t have to rely on having your own vehicle for transportation. Make this benefit work for you by considering where you work and where you’d like to live. See if SEPTA services a direct line between the two locations or if there’s a convenient route you can take. Think about how long your commute would be and if that suits your lifestyle.

Working With a Rental Company vs. Owner

As you set out on your journey of finding a rental property in Philadelphia, you may have to make the choice between a rental company and a private owner or landlord. It helps to understand the difference before deciding which is the best choice for you:

  • A private owner owns the rental property and manages the day-to-day maintenance and operations.
  • A rental company is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operations, often for a landlord who hires the company.

Private owners often have a smaller building to care for, which is why they handle the everyday tasks themselves. If a rental company manages a property, it is likely a larger building. A larger building gives you a better chance of getting a rental apartment in the building. That means you won’t have to deal with more competition in a smaller property. You may even find various apartment layouts in one larger building that a rental company owns, giving you more living options.

A rental company may also have a network of vendors for maintenance needs. That means that if something were to go wrong in your rental property, you can contact the rental company and likely have it fixed sooner than you would with an owner. A private owner will have to respond to various issues in the building, often on their own, but a company may have a team prepared to help you and your neighbors.

Guaranteeing You Get a Good Deal on Your Rental

No matter where you want to live in Philadelphia, you want to get a good deal on your rental. A bit of research and extra steps can help you save where you can. To help guarantee you get a good deal on your Philadelphia rental, you can:

  • Research the average rental prices in your neighborhood of choice.
  • Talk to friends or family living in the city to see what they pay and recommend.
  • Consider searching in winter when rental rates are often the lowest.
  • Consider paying more upfront to lower your rent later.
  • Mention what makes you a great tenant and have positive references.
  • Factor in all the costs of the rental and consider an option with included amenities.

Understanding the current market in Philadelphia and your neighborhood of choice will go a long way in knowing what counts as a good deal on a rental in the city. Remember that the closer you are to certain areas, like Center City, or to amenities, the higher the rent could be. That trade-off could be worth it in the long run if you save money on commuting or traveling across the city for certain experiences.

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