15 Nov 2021

Preparing to Move

Preparing to Move

Moving can be a very stressful process. Packing up everything, which leads to deciding what you are keeping and what you’re getting rid of, arranging transportation for your things, unpacking… there’s just so much work that has to be done. Trying to keep track of everything that needs to get done and making sure it’s done in time is just as stressful as the moving process itself.

But the Streamline is here to help! We know that moving isn’t a simple process. It requires lots of planning and time management, which is why we have organized checklists so you can make sure you’re getting everything done just in time.

Make Your Move As Stress Free As Possible

As you know, preparing to move is going to be stressful. You’re spending lots of money to get everything going for the new place, spending all your time packing, trying to make sure everything is done in time for the move. There’s a lot to it, and there are certain things you must do when you move. But try to follow these tips for making it as smooth a process as possible.


  1. Time management: Give yourself enough time to get everything done. Avoid procrastination at all costs. Getting everything done is advance will also be a lifesaver if something pops up last minute — and one thing to remember when moving is to expect the unexpected.
  2. Make lists: Make a list for yourself of everything you need and everything that needs to be done. With everything going on, you’re going to have a hard time getting it all accomplished by relying only on your memory. Do yourself a favor and create a preparing to move checklist.
  3. Make sure you have help: Even if you like to do everything on your own, you’re going to want, and maybe even need, help with moving. Whether it be from family, friends, or a moving company, you’ll want a little bit of help from somewhere to make the process that much easier on you.
  4. Start packing as early as possible: As soon as you have an official date for moving into the new place, you’ll want to slowly start packing for sure. You may even want to start before then. You’ll want to start packing up things well in advance of the move. It will keep you from being overwhelmed at moving time.

While these 4 tips may not seem like much, following them can really keep down your stress and frustration when it comes to moving.


Moving: Week by Week

Let’s take a look at when you need to be getting certain things done for your move, broken down on a week by week basis.

6 Week Before Moving


  • Book your moving company: Moving companies book up very quickly, so you’ll want to secure a company for your move well in advance.
  • Notify schools/places of work: If you have children in school, or if you’re a student or have a permanent place of work, you should notify these places of your address change. If this move is going to cause a change of school or job, this is the time to gather all documentation that will be needed for the new school or place of work.
  • Notify doctors, if applicable: If you’re moving to a new town and will need to seek out new doctors, you’ll want to start letting them know (especially if you have an upcoming appointment) and getting their help with your medical records transferred.


4 Weeks Before Moving


  • Start packing things you won’t need: You’ll want to get a jumpstart on your packing, so go ahead and start packing things that you won’t need until you get into your new place.
  • Notify utility companies: Since utility bills are sent out month by month, you’ll want to let them know so they can make sure you don’t get charged for more than you should and to help you set up any new utility accounts you may need.
  • Notify your current landlord, if applicable: If you’re currently living in a rental, make sure you let your landlord know the exact date you’ll be out of the rental.


3 Weeks Before Moving


  • Change your addresses: Make sure you change your address on everything so that you won’t miss any mail. You can also visit your local post office (or go online) to place a forward on your mail to make sure anything that slips through the cracks gets forwarded to the new mailing address through them.
  • Home/car insurance: Start looking into insurance for the new place. If you’re moving states, it can affect your insurance rate, so you’ll want to let your carrier know.
  • Pets and plants: Make arrangements for any pets and special plants to be moved.
  • Strategize your food: Transporting food is going to be difficult, so you’ll want to try to eat everything perishable before the move, if possible, such as frozen and refrigerated foods.


2 Weeks Before Moving


  • Pack: At this point in time, you want to start packing pretty much everything. Only leave essentials out. Pack up everything else.
  • Valuables: Make arrangements for your valuables. You don’t want these mixed in with everything else. You may not want to leave them with just anyone either, so make arrangements for getting these to the new place.
  • Clean: As you’re packing and emptying rooms, start cleaning before you move out. If you have access to the new place, you’ll want to start cleaning everything before you move in.
  • Dispose: Start disposing of anything that can’t be moved, such as flammable items or materials. You should also start disposing of items you no longer want or need in the new place.


1 Week Before Moving


  • Confirm everything: Confirm closing dates and times (if closing on a new home). Confirm the time that your movers will be there. If moving to a rental, confirm the time you’re allowed to gain access to the new place.
  • Pack essentials: Gather anything that you’ll need before your move is complete, pack it together and keep it close in case you need it while traveling.
  • Create a packing list for the movers if you’re working with them: Keeping contents organized by room or type will make unpacking and setting up your new space easier.


Preparing for a move can be just as taxing as the move itself. Sometimes, you might even want to quit and stay where you are. But don’t forget the bigger picture. You’re about to be moving into a new home. You’re taking big steps for yourself. After the move is over, you’ll be happy with the end result.

Don’t let the stress of moving get you down. Contact Streamline today at sale@streamlinephilly.com or (267) 785-0021. We would love to help you find your new home!