Visit Philadelphia Sports Teams
19 Aug 2022

Visit Philadelphia Sports Teams 

Visit Philadelphia Sports Teams

Visit Philadelphia Sports Teams

America is full of cities where sports are part of the town’s identity. On game days, people flock to bars and restaurants and gather in the thousands at stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams. Some cities take their fandom to a whole other level — Philadelphia is one of those.

Known to be passionate, loud and loyal, Philadelphia has crafted a reputation for being one of the best sports cities in the country. If you’re a sports fan who will be moving to Philadelphia in the near future, you’ll have no trouble finding a team to root for or a bar to watch the game in. Still, you may have a different problem — sorting through the variety of sports teams, events and bars to see which ones you actually want to cheer on or visit.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the number of options at your disposal, take some time to read through the various sports teams, events and bars to see which ones might be right for you.

Philadelphia’s Top Sports Teams

Philadelphia sports fans are passionate and avid — and they have enough sports teams to support that hunger for competition. Here are some of the professional sports teams you can support in the Philadelphia area.


Tennis lovers can watch the Philadelphia Freedoms compete in team tennis from the regular season in July to the World Tennis Championship in September. `


Soccer fans won’t have trouble finding a place in the Philadelphia sports scene — the Philadelphia Union is an American professional soccer club that plays in the MLS. They have their own stadium — Subaru Park — which they use throughout their season from February through October. Soccer fans, new and old, will have a blast at games doing chants, having a drink and spending time with friends.


Philadelphia is also home to an NHL team — the Flyers. The Flyers play in the same stadium as the 76ers and offer intense, fun competition you can experience throughout the season. Hockey fans new to the Philadelphia area will love attending these games and rooting on the Flyers during the season.


Another major sports team in Philadelphia is the Phillies. Since the MLB season runs through the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy games in the ballpark on a beautiful day while enjoying ballpark food and sipping refreshing drinks. You can root for baseball stars like Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber, both valuable members of the Phillies. Their season starts in April and continues through October.



There’s no question that the 76ers sit close to Philadelphia’s heart. They have a rich history filled with some of the most impactful players in the game like Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Irving and Charles Barkley. In the late nineties and early 2000s, the 76ers acquired Allen Iverson, who is still respected today as a player that matched the city’s passion and tenacity for their sports.

The team has shown promise in recent years, with Joel Embiid leading the charge. Going to just one 76ers game in Wells Fargo Stadium will leave you feeling the fiery passion of the Philadelphia fans.


Rivaling the 76ers for the most beloved Philly team are the Philadelphia Eagles, who compete in the NFL. The city of Philadelphia loves its football — head downtown to your local Philly sports bar to see it in person. In 2017, the world got to see just how impressive Eagles fandom was when they made a run to the Super Bowl.

After quarterback Carson Wentz got injured, backup Nick Foles took the helm, leading the team to the promised land and eventually winning their first Super Bowl ever. If you’re a football fan moving to Philadelphia, the Eagles may be the team you decide to cheer on.

On Sundays, you can head to your local sports bars to get drinks before the game. Then, join the crowds as you walk toward the stadium for gameday. Night games are even more exciting — a game under the lights with a roaring crowd to match.

Amateur Leagues and Events in Philadelphia

If you’re a fan of amateur sports leagues — or you want to see what other types of events are hosted at sports arenas — you’re in luck in Philadelphia. Check out more sports and events the city offers below.

Amateur Leagues

Watching sports can be a lot of fun, but you may also want to participate in some sports yourself. That won’t be a problem. You’ll be able to find a huge variety of amateur sports that vary in skill level. Whether you’re someone who just wants to have fun and meet some new people or you’re looking for a real challenge, you can find what you’re looking for in the vast networks of Philadelphia amateur leagues.


If you’re a runner, you can participate in the various marathon events Philadelphia hosts throughout the year. Spend your time training for the big race and participate in a fun, healthy community event.



Many sports venues also offer other events during the offseason. Concerts are held every year with a variety of different artists performing. If you’re a music fan, you can find your favorite artist and attend the show.


Take part in any number of the many festivals held in the Philadelphia area. Experience the amazing sights of a Chinese lantern festival, enjoy some drinks during the summer ale festival or even enjoy a movie screening in the middle of town. Festivals are a great way to experience all the things Philadelphia has to offer while celebrating different cultures.

The Best Sports Bars in Philly

With all of the sports going on in Philadelphia, you’ll want to find some good bars in your area where you can watch the big games. Here are some of the best sports bars in the Philadelphia area.

Garage Fishtown

At Garge Fishtown, there’s something for everybody. The hardcore fan will be in heaven with Fishtown’s nine TVs and a big screen so that you can see the game from anywhere in the bar. Even if you’re ordering a drink or having a conversation, you’ll be able to see every part of the action. For the casual fan, there’s even more to love — more than 300 canned varieties of beer, pool tables, Skee-Ball machines and a bring-your-own food policy so that you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the ambiance inside.

Garage Fishtown is the perfect environment for intense and casual sports fans alike — be sure to check out this sports bar in the Fishtown, Philadelphia area.

New Wave Café

For those living near the Queens Village area, you’ll want to check out New Wave Café. Founded in 1985 by Center City natives, it’s a great place to stop by with friends and play billiards, throw darts and enjoy the 20-plus draft beers New Wave Café offers.

The bar also has a big menu that features items like sandwiches, burgers, flatbread, pizzas and tasty entrees. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying lunch or a fun time during the game, New Wave Café is a great choice.

The Best Sports Bars in Philly

Founding Fathers Sports Bar and Grill

For those in the Point Breeze neighborhood, there are plenty of options to choose from. Founding Fathers Sports Bar and Grill is a great bar located on 1612 South Street. With a sports bar atmosphere, an eclectic food and drink menu and a broad array of events that continues throughout the year, Founding Fathers Sports Bar and Grill is a great place to plan your next meetup.

You’ll have no trouble finding something on their vast beer menu. And if you want something a little lighter, they also offer a number of cocktails and even wines. Pair your drinks with some of their menu favorites like the Philly cheesesteak, bacon bleu burger and shrimp tacos, then sit back and enjoy the game.

The Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant

Beer lovers will love the Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant. It offers over 80 beers from around the world and is one of the most classic Irish Pub environments in Philadelphia. The pub is located in a three-story colonial townhouse with antique bars and fireplaces. You’ll be able to enjoy shepherd’s pie, Guinness Irish stew and your choice of beer. It’s just a quick walk from Rittenhouse Square and offers one of the most unique, engaging bars in the city.

Murph’s Bar

Philadelphia is full of cultural bars that make you feel welcomed and at home. Murph’s Bar, located in Fishtown, Philadelphia, is definitely one of those. It’s another Irish Pub with a reputation for being a “comfortable place to be.” It serves authentic Italian cuisine, including stuffed gnocchi, garganelli arrabbiata and lobster ravioli.

The interior of Murph’s Bar is truly unique, with Elvis paraphernalia and boxing themes coating the walls. The bar is coated with 24,000 pennies. The story of how Murph’s Bar came to be is even more unique — but you’ll have to make a visit to find out!

Frankford Hall

Another go-to bar for Philadelphians is Frankford Hall. Built in an industrial structure in Fishtown, Philadelphia, it blends a hearty work ethic with a bit of elegance. Huge garage doors stand beside trees dotted with lights. There’s an indoor bar area to watch the game and an outdoor bar area where you can sit and enjoy a nice day at some picnic tables. Try out the endless number of German and American beers and bring your appetite — you can choose from filling meals like sausages, burgers and Bavarian pretzels.

Chickie’s & Pete’s

Started in 1987, Chickie’s & Pete’s is a bar rooted in family origins. As the story goes, a fight between brothers at 4 a.m. over their mom’s unique gravy recipe set the foundation for what became decades of restaurant success. It’s a go-to place for locals with its friendly environment and tasty menu.

Chickie’s & Pete’s has plenty of signature foods to offer, including their famous crab fries, mussels, lobster pie and more. Stop by and enjoy some unique, tasty food and a drink while you watch the game.

XFINITY Live! Philadelphia

It’s hard to go through a Philadelphia sports bar list without seeing this bar somewhere on the list. XFINITY Live! offers an environment unlike any other. It gives customers the feeling of being at the game without actually being there. There’s a 32-foot high-definition television at the front of the restaurant. Outside, another 24-foot tall LED video wall displays the game to watching eyes.

It’s a truly incredible experience, perfect for those who don’t want to miss a minute of the game. You can spend time chatting with friends and getting drinks while still seeing everything that’s happening with your team. And you won’t have to worry about space, either — there are 80,000 feet where people can mill about to eat, drink and socialize. It’s an incredible experience every sports fan in Philadelphia should check out.

Misconduct Tavern

Another great gameday option is Misconduct Tavern. Although it’s a great place to sit, drink and enjoy the game, it also offers some great bar food. If you’re someone who enjoys some flavorful cuisine, then Misconduct Tavern could be the place for you. It offers all the cozy, classic staples with elegant twists that boosts flavor. Sit down, enjoy a great burger and watch your favorite team compete.

As you can see, there are plenty of sports bars to choose from in the Greater Philadelphia area. For a city that loves its sports, there are plenty of options to support fans as they cheer on their teams.

Plan Your Philly Sports Outing

From 76ers games in Wells Fargo Arena to Sundays watching the Eagles, there is plenty to do in Philadelphia when it comes to sports. Whatever you like to watch or root for, there is something you’ll be able to find and enjoy. When you move to Philadelphia, you want to ensure you’re getting the full experience and becoming part of the community. Finding that sports team you love, getting involved in events and discovering your favorite bars can be great ways to embrace the city.

Although rooting for sports teams and getting involved will help, you also want to make sure that you’re finding the right place to live. A nice luxury home can be just the way for you to put down roots, feel comfortable and thrive in Philadelphia. You’ll want to find a company that can help you find the right home for you.

Contact Streamline Today

Contact Streamline Today

If you’re planning on moving to Philadelphia soon, you could be in the market for a new home. During this process, it can be helpful to find a real estate service that can walk you through the process.

At Streamline, we make sure our customers get what they’re looking for. We offer single and multifamily homes in a variety of neighborhoods in the Philadelphia areas, including Point Breeze, Fishtown, Graduate Hospital, Northern Liberties, Kensington, Olde Kensington, Brewerytown, Queen Village and Norris Square. We do more than just help you find the home for you — we also help develop all the neighborhoods we build so that they’re lasting and sustainable.

Whether you’re looking to find a home or design and build your own, Streamline can help. We even provide you with a virtual-reality walkthrough that lets you see what your home will look like before it’s even built. Reach out today to find your dream home. Contact us today!