Binder Terrace
12 Mar 2020

Property Highlight – Binder Terrace

Nestled between Northern Liberties and Fishtown and just a couple of miles away from Center City, Philadelphia, Olde Kensington is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Buildings that once housed factories and warehouses are being transformed into new construction homes, perfect for people looking to buy their first property or for current homeowners hoping to upgrade to bigger and better digs.

Binder Terrace is a new home community located in Olde Kensington. Located at the site of a former cigar factory, the new construction homes that are part of Binder Terrace nod to the past while looking straight into the future of Philadelphia. If you’re hoping to move into a well-designed, luxurious home that’s close to everything Philly has to offer, learn more about Binder Terrace below.
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Overview of Binder Terrace

When you think of Philly, you probably think of the Liberty Bell, the Eagles, cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. Cigars might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but, as it turns out, the city was at one point one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of cigars. In recent years, several former cigar factories have been turned into luxury housing and modern homes. Binder Terrace is being built on the site of one of those old cigar factories.

The name of the new construction project is an homage to its past, as are the names of the home’s floor plans. Each floor plan is named for a type of cigar, while binder refers to the tobacco leaf that is layered between the inner leaves of the cigar and the outer wrapper.

Although we’ve used the site’s history as inspiration when creating Binder Terrace, we also see it as belonging entirely to modern-day Philadelphia. The new homes are located near plenty of great amenities, as well as public transit.

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What’s Nearby

Binder Terrace has a Walk Score of 88, meaning you can easily do most of your day-to-day errands on foot. It’s just about 2.5 miles north of Center City and is served by plenty of transit options, making it easy to get into downtown and enjoy what Philly has to offer.

Plus, you don’t have to go far to find things to do. Plenty of cafes, restaurants and other amenities are located in the heart of Olde Kensington.

  • ReAnimator CoffeeReAnimator doesn’t just serve coffee — it also roasts its own beans. The Kensington outpost features large windows that let plenty of light in, and plans are in the works to add a pizzeria to the mix.
  • New Liberty Distillery: Philly was not only once a big producer of cigars, but it also once produced the most whiskey in the U.S. New Liberty Distillery pays tribute to that history with a line of locally produced whiskeys. It also offers public tours of its production area with tastings at the end.
  • Crane ArtsCrane Arts is located in a former plumbing warehouse and is now home to exciting visual and performing arts projects. It houses several galleries as well as studio space for working artists and a training center for performing artists.
  • Ramonita G. de Rodriguez Library: You’ll find a neighborhood branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia just a short distance from Binder Terrace. The neighborhood library doesn’t just give you a place to reserve and check out books. It also hosts regular events for all in the community.

Transit Options

Many of the homes and floor plans at Binder Terrace offer parking and garages, but there are likely to be times when it makes more sense to take SEPTA, the city’s public transit system, rather than drive to your destination. Fortunately, there are plenty of transit options throughout Olde Kensington. The number 15 trolley runs east-west along Girard Avenue, just a couple of blocks to the south. The 47 and 57 bus routes have you covered if you want to head down into Center City or further north.
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Different Floor and Housing Options

If you’re considering buying one of Binder Terrace’s modern and luxurious homes in Olde Kensington, you have many options. The earlier in the process you purchase, the more selection you’ll have.

Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes

Binder Terrace has both single and multi-family home options. Our single-family homes offer at least 2,300 square feet of space and include a garage, balcony, deck and mudroom. Multi-family homes range anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 square feet. Depending on the home, they have either a roof deck or a patio.

Whether you choose a multi-family or single-family unit, you have several floor plans to choose from.

1. Foundry Floor Plans

Binder Terrace’s single-family homes follow the Foundry floor plan. Foundry I is for an exterior corner unit. It features four levels, three bedrooms, two full baths and two half baths. There’s also an attached garage and a roof deck, plus a finished lower level with den.

Units with the Foundry II plan are located in the middle or interior corner. Like Foundry I, the units have an attached garage, four floors, three bedrooms, a roof deck and a lower level with finished den. You get plenty of options and the ability to design your new home however you’d like with either of the Foundry floor plans.

2. Bronze Floor Plans

The units that feature the Bronze floor plan are on the lower two levels of the building. Bronze floor plan homes each have three bedrooms and three baths as well as a rear patio.

3. Caldwell Floor Plans

Homes with the Caldwell floor plan are the smallest at Binder Terrace but still offer plenty of space for everything. The Caldwell floor plan features two bedrooms, one each on the third and fourth floor, and two baths. Each of the homes also has a roof deck and the option of including a wet bar for easy entertaining.

Make your way through our floor plans by exploring our touchpoint tour below.

Why Choose Streamline

Philadelphia is going through a housing renaissance right now, and homes in the city are hot. We know that you have a lot of options when you’re looking to buy a home in Philly, and we also know that there are a lot of reasons to work with Streamline. Our home design process uses virtual reality so that you can see what your flooring, kitchen finishes and appliance upgrades will look like before your home is built. VR technology helps you make sure the design choices you make are what you really want before you commit to those choices. For more information on the new construction homes at Binder Terrace, visit our website.

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See Binder Terrace in Action

Ready to learn more about Binder Terrace? Take a virtual video tour of the property to see it up close. If you like what you see and want to learn more about how you can turn one of Binder Terrace’s new construction homes into your own, contact us today.