23 Nov 2021

The Coolest Graffiti and Murals in Philadelphia

The Coolest Graffiti and Murals in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for many things, such as attractions like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the “Rocky” statue. While Philly has several historical locations to see, the street art in Philadelphia is a site you won’t want to miss. Thousands of Philly murals and gorgeous graffiti line the streets and depict anything from cultural identification to moments in people’s lives that changed them forever.

These depictions of events and ideas from around the world done in the graffiti art style is an attraction in Philadelphia has that art lovers will want to see. Below you will learn about some of the most popular murals and best graffiti in Philadelphia.

1. Common Threads

If you’re planning on going on a Philly street art tour, you’ll want to check out this popular mural. Thousands of people stop to look at Common Threads every day in Philadelphia. Some people say the mural depicts adolescents overlooking the broad street and the spring garden subway stop. Others say they are characters are from the artists’ grandmother’s collection of figurines she collected.

While many residents of Philadelphia interpret this mural in various ways, the fact that thousands of people continue to stop and look at this mural daily makes it one of Philadelphia’s most iconic murals to this day.

2. Families Belong Together

A fantastic piece that portrays that families need to stay together. A Chilean artist named Ian Pierce, or Artes Ekeko, created the mural in recognition of several families immigrating to Philadelphia and other cities around the United States. This mural depicts Philadelphia as a sanctuary that enables families to stay together and create a new home and life in Philadelphia.

This mural shines for all to see and shows that many families from all walks of life can find comfort and refuge in the welcoming city of Philadelphia.

3. Water Gives Life

There are several Fishtown murals through the city of Philadelphia for art lovers to enjoy. Flowing in the heart of the city is the Water Gives Life mural. The mural is over four stories high and is about the length of a blue whale. The artists who painted this mural depict the gorgeous aspects of wildlife and how the connection between plants and water creates beauty in the world.

Being inside an urban landscape, the conversations surrounding this piece are about sustainability and nature. The artists of the mural are Euhri Jones and David Mcshane. Sharing art that is meaningful to both them and everyone who sees it is a great way to share the love they have for the world we all live in.

4. Legacy

Legacy is one of the best murals in Philly, and it looks like a beautifully woven piece of detailed tapestry. The depictions painted in the mural are about creating your own cultural identity and how to go about doing so. Many artists and students had a hand in the creation of this massive mural along a library wall. The mural was influenced European art that dictated the standard for beauty. Through this mural, The artists created a tapestry-like experience for everyone in the city to enjoy and embrace their cultural backgrounds.

5. Personal Melody

Personal Melody, which you will find on the 13th street corridor, was created by spray cans. It’s exceptionally detailed, ranging from depictions of skateboards and toys to large-scale color shifts and shapes. The overshadowing colors with the background details combine perfectly and compliment each other sections. Not many artists can achieve this level of detailed work with spray cans, but the twin brothers HOW and NOSM prove their high-tier ability with this towering mural.

6. Haas and Hahn’s Philly Painting

Everyone that posts artistic selfies on social media loves this mural. You will find this mural on Germantown Avenue, spanning the entire commercial corridor. The artists created a color pallet that resembles the hues and colors that pertain to the neighborhood and surrounding city’s complex character.

The outcome is a gorgeous mural known for people stopping to take coordinated selfies, which leads to the area’s increased popularity. Local merchants have a unique project logo that’s copyrighted to the zipcode, helping them take advantage of the increased tourism from the mural.

7. Still Life

Still Life was made to give an artistic view on incarceration, freedom and the judicial system while imposing on the collective idea that anyone, anywhere, can experience fine art. The mural can be interpreted in many different ways.

With the mural focusing on ideas of the judicial system and incarceration of young individuals, the mural can invoke conversations and inspire many of Philadelphia’s residents.

7. Light of the Northeast

The Light of the Northeast is a collaboration piece and is located on the side of an old singer factory on Bustleton Avenue. Designed by Paul Santoleri and Abdul Karim Awad, this mural depicts the Statue of Liberty among other designs and resembles the true meaning of liberty. The total freedom to be anyone you want, enjoy any culture you want, and to love your roots and heritage are just some of the resonating thoughts invoked by this mural. The crown adorned on the statue’s head has the word “love” transcribed in more than 20 different languages.

8. Wide Open

The design of Wide Open shows the artist’s view of the city of Philadelphia. The bright, stunning mural combines the thoughts of family, togetherness, art, activities, hope, loss and pride. This mural represents several values of the city and its residents and shows the bustling culture and unique activities that Philadelphia has to offer. This mural speaks loudly to how proud the people who live there are of their heritage and the city they live in.

9. The Promise of Biotechnology

The medical field has made many breakthroughs over the years, and this mural depicts the coming leap of scientific advancements that could be on the horizon. The mural showcases both historical and future advances. Layered in the mural are many scientific studies and human developments combined into one art piece that over a dozen students created over three months.

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