27 Apr 2022

Creating a Minimalist Apartment

Creating a Minimalist Apartment

Creating a Minimalist Apartment

Are you looking for a simpler interior design for your apartment? If so, minimalism could be the ideal choice for you. Many people believe minimalistic living spaces provide a sense of calming simplicity, which can be a welcoming and liberating feeling. If you feel like too much stuff is weighing you down in your apartment, transforming it into a minimalist space could be the ideal choice for you.

Check out our guide with advice on how to make your apartment more minimalist.

Reasons to Choose Minimalism

There are a lot of benefits behind minimalism that go well beyond your space looking clean and uncluttered. Find out more about why people are switching their current home interiors for a more minimalistic design:

Enjoy Less Stress

Do you feel overwhelmed by your space? A minimalist apartment can help reduce stress levels caused by surrounding clutter. In fact, minimal living may be better for your brain, as spaces that overwhelm you visually can bring about negative side effects. If you organize your space while reducing how much you put on display, you can create a calmer space for your mind.

Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Space

When your living space is cleared of excess items, it makes it easier to focus on the simplistic beauty of just a few key pieces. Creating a minimalistic apartment will give you a great amount of visual appeal it won’t be overwhelming. A living space that has a few pieces of furniture, tasteful artwork and a tiny sprinkling of home decor is much more awe-worthy.

Clean With Ease

When you have less stuff to manage, cleaning is a breeze. If you feel like you can never stay caught up with cleaning your apartment, minimalism can be the remedy. Ridding your apartment of everything you don’t need will save you time and energy when it comes to cleaning.

What Do You Need for a Minimalist Apartment?

Keep in mind that minimalist styles can vary from person to person based on personal tastes and preferences. However, you’ll find that most minimalist homes have a few similarities. These characteristics will help you create a minimalist apartment you’ll love:

1. Clutter-Free Surfaces

A minimalistic home has limited clutter. All flat surfaces are kept free and clear, with the exception of some home decor items being on display throughout the space. There’s no abundance of trinkets, stacks of books, mountains of papers or any other kind of clutter to be seen. Finding storage solutions for your belongings can help you create that minimalist appearance.

2. Minimal Pieces of Furniture

When it comes to furniture, minimalism means you only incorporate the essentials. A living room will only have functional pieces, like a couch, one or two chairs, a coffee table and a few lamps. A bedroom may only have a bed, a nightstand and a dresser. While you can add as much furniture as you need to meet your needs, you should aim to keep them streamlined and clean so they help you maintain that calm atmosphere.

3. Subdued Colors

Using subtle colors helps keep a minimalist apartment crisp and clear. While sporadic pops of color are a great way to brighten the room, it’s best that the overall colors of the space are kept in calm earth tones such as blues, greens, browns and tans. Of course, white is also a popular minimalist color to decorate a minimalist apartment.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Choose the pieces you bring into your home carefully. Instead of having an abundance of items, you should be picky about the furniture and home decor pieces you display. This trick can result in a home boasting simple, high-quality items that are well worth showcasing.

Steps to Becoming a Minimalist

Steps to Becoming a Minimalist

If you’re unsure how to have a minimalist apartment, you can do so on your own time through a series of steps. Consider the following steps to creating a minimalist apartment:

1. Go Room By Room

The easiest way to transition to a minimalist apartment is by doing it one room at a time. Trying to take on the entire apartment at once can be too overwhelming and have you feeling like you’re running around in circles. Decide on which room you want to do first and make that your priority before moving on to the next. Over time, you’ll have a stunning, decluttered apartment.

2. Declutter

It’s finally time to tackle that stack of junk mail and those old hair products. Get rid of anything you don’t need by donating it or tossing it if it’s beyond repair. Then, display the items you have in an organized way. Now’s the perfect time to clear out and reorganize your storage areas to make room for any items you want to stow away.

3. Pare Down Your Furniture

Keep the pieces of furniture you deem absolutely necessary, like your dining table, living room couch and office desk. Then, take a hard look at the furniture you don’t use — is the dish cabinet in your kitchen really getting any use? This same way of thinking can help you cut down on appliances and other belongings.

4. Clear Your Floors and Walls

How much clutter is on your floors and walls? Remove any old posters, artwork, rugs and mats to make way for a streamlined space. This tip doesn’t mean you have to completely clear your space. Instead, you want to take away everything that seems distracting and out of place. Feel free to keep your family photos and favorite rug — it’s still important to keep items that make you happy!

5. Simplify the Decor

Even the home decor pieces you choose to keep in your apartment should be simple in nature. Be selective by opting for simple touches, like a vase of flowers here and a small potted plant there. Choose solid colors instead of visually busy designs for any floor coverings or window treatments. Remember, when it comes to a minimalist design, less is more.

6. Eliminate and Revisit

When you’re transforming your apartment into a minimalist living space, it should be treated as a process. When you’ve finished simplifying a room, come back to it in a couple of days and take another look at the space. This way, you can use a fresh set of eyes to see what else needs to go to make the room truly minimalist.

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