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17 Mar 2021

How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a brand-new construction home in Philly is an exciting step in your adult life. While you have a couple of items on your relocation to-do list, the first step is learning how to make your new house feel like home. Explore these three tips to give you some inspiration for moving into your living space and enjoying the process.

1. Reflect Your Personality in the Interior Decor

To make a house a home, you should brighten up the area with items you appreciate. Your new home is a reflection of who you are, and designing it yourself gives you a sense of ownership. The right wall art and other decor items can also boost your mood and reduce stress. Consider these ideas for transforming your property into an inviting environment:

  • Bring souvenirs from your previous living space: Your childhood house or apartment is where you’ve first felt loved and secure. Include items, like family photos and family keepsakes, from the place where you grew up to relive those memories. Having a visual reminder of those safe people and places can create an atmosphere of security in your new home.

  • Add a fresh coat of paint: Make a style statement with a dash of color. Enhance your interior decor style by incorporating bold or soft tones. Samplize offers peel-and-stick samples of Sherwin Williams paint colors to help you choose the right color for your living space.
  • Put up some art: Hang art on your barren walls to brighten up your living space and reflect your unique personality. You should decorate your walls as soon as possible so that your property can be more inviting as you unpack and clean. Find new wall art for your home on websites like West ElmCB2 or Desenio. To support a local artist, shop around at Society 6Etsy and Minted.
  • Set up the furniture: Create a floor plan before you move in so that you know where to set up all your furniture. Choose pieces that complement the color and decor theme of your new home, while finding creative ways to bring pieces from your previous living area.
  • Change out the curtains: When you first get settled, update your window treatments to help control the temperature and give your space a personal touch.
  • Design the Exterior: The exterior of your house should also reflect your personality. Choose inviting colors and furniture to decorate the exterior door and the surrounding area.

2. Appeal to Your Senses

To turn your house into a home, think about how your living space affects all your senses. Use these tips to provide a comfortable atmosphere in your house through scent and sight:

  • Apply your favorite aroma: Fill the house with a relaxing or uplifting scent through air fresheners, incense or scented candles. You should also open the windows often to breathe in some fresh air and provide adequate airflow.
  • Prepare an easy meal: When you first move into a house, you might not spend energy on cooking and cleaning, but preparing your favorite meal or an easy recipe will give you a sense of ownership over your living space. Cook one of your favorite recipes to bring comfort and familiarity to your living space. Working your creative cooking skills in the kitchen will also send a pleasant aroma into the air.
  • Put flowers in each room: Consider decorating with low-maintenance indoor plants. Colorful flowers and greens can boost your mood and improve the air quality of your living space. These sustainable decorations can brighten up any room by providing a pleasant scent.
  • Surround yourself with your favorite things: Think about the items you love the most, and put a few of these belongings in each room. Play your favorite music and adorn the space with your favorite colors and scents. Set your favorite pillows and blankets within reach so that their textures and scents comfort you.
  • Provide adequate lighting: The lights in your house can affect the color and mood of your property. Insufficient lighting can give an area a gloomy ambiance, while fluorescent lights are often too overwhelming. Be creative with your light fixtures and establish a balance of natural and artificial light. Take advantage of the large windows to have natural light during the day, and install warm lighting to calm you at night.

3. Set Up a Cozy and Inviting Home

After working all day, you want to come home to a relaxing, comfortable environment. Here are some tips for how to make a house a home by creating an inviting atmosphere when you walk through the exterior door:

  • Have soft material throughout your home: Decorate each room with comfortable pillows and blankets. Cozy materials place gentle pressure on your body to help you relax. If you have room in your budget, buy new, soft furniture to use throughout your living space.

  • Clean your house often: When clutter infiltrates every room, you’ll feel anxious and frustrated. You should keep your property clean to help you relax when you’re settling into bed. Make a habit of washing your linens, floors and surfaces.
  • Connect your kitchen appliances and electric devices: You can get back into your routine once you have working equipment and an internet connection. Prepare yourself a nice dinner, watch a movie and enjoy your home.
  • Unpack in the right order: Set up the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen first so that you can take care of yourself. While cleaning and unpacking can be stressful, knowing that your sources of showers, sleep and food are ready can motivate you to finish preparing the house.
  • Buy the necessities: After you move in, stock your house with food, hygiene products and cleaning supplies. You will feel secure when you have these necessary items in your living space. You can also properly clean the house and cook a meal when you have all these resources on hand.
  • Invite your friends and family to your new home: Consider having a housewarming party or a small get-together to show off your new property. Sharing your living space with loved ones will boost your confidence and allow you to create new memories.
  • Explore the neighborhood: Your house is more than the four walls surrounding your property. Meeting your neighbors and finding the local restaurants and stores can give you a sense of control over your space. If you’ve just moved to Philly, try out the local transportation or go for a walk to delve into the area surrounding your home. Spend a night out with your friends checking out all that Philadelphia has to offer.


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