6 Sep 2019

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Check out our modern, new construction, move-in ready homes in Philadelphia. Each home includes incredible features and upgrades with floor plans for families of all sizes. Learn about Philly and its unique neighborhoods below to decide where you’d like to call home.

Make Philadelphia Your Home

Perks of Living in Philly

Move to Philly for small-town charm while enjoying big-town amenities. Philadelphia has it all, from great restaurants and art to convenient public transportation.

Philly is an excellent option for its low cost of living compared to its surrounding big cities. It’s a city that warmly welcomes newcomers into its tight-knit communities and celebrates history and culture every day.

Below, we’ll dive into the perks of moving to Philly.

Desirable Location

Desirable Location

Travelers will appreciate living in Philly for its proximity to other large cities like New York and Washington, D.C. Enjoy a change of scenery whenever you please. For example, a drive from Philadelphia to NYC is about two hours!

Take a road trip into nature or to a big city. Explore the bountiful public parks around Philly, and when you want to branch out, take a bus, plane, car or subway to new and exciting places.

Convenient Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the biggest perks of living in Philly because you can get wherever you need without a car, no matter the neighborhood you live in. About 24% of Philadelphia residents use public transport to get to work, with an average commute of 45 minutes.

With a base fare for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) City Transit lower than its peer cities, it’s easy to see why Philadelphia residents enjoy living and commuting in this city.

Gorgeous Art and Museums

Philadelphia boasts an array of art galleries, prominent museums and studios sure to impress. From historical museums such as the Museum of the American Constitution to eclectic venues like the Mummers Museum, Philly ensures you’re always exploring and learning.

Francisville is a Philly neighborhood that offers beautiful public art displays such as the Mural Arts Philadelphia. Learn about Auguste Rodin while gazing upon 140 of his bronze, marble and plaster sculptures at the Rodin Museum located in the artful Fairmount neighborhood.

Rich History

Since Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country, you’ll find history everywhere. The rich history provides beautiful rental apartments with intriguing architectural features and homes that match the neighborhood from the era they were first built.

Olde Kensington is a historical Philadelphia neighborhood gaining new life with older buildings evolving into apartments and studios for creatives.

Enjoy Philadelphia’s Diverse Neighborhoods

Philadelphia is home to dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct feel and culture. Most areas provide ample grocery stores and excellent schools. The ethnic diversity of each community makes for adventurous cuisine and flavors for all. You’ll find some of the best food in Northern Liberties with various breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

And due to the walkability of every neighborhood, you can easily explore and make friends with your neighbors.

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Enjoy Philadelphia's Diverse Neighborhoods