9 Jan 2023

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Home in Philly

Exchanging keys to a new home

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Home in Philly

Moving to a city like Philadelphia can be a great decision, but the time of year you move can affect your home-buying experience. The weather changes from month to month, and so do important elements like housing availability, prices and mortgage rates. In this article, we’ll discuss factors that determine the best time of year to buy a house in Philadelphia.

Considerations for Buying a Home

Philadelphia’s housing market changes from month to month. As you consider the best time to move to Philadelphia, keep these factors in mind:

Housing Availability

Supply and demand apply to housing as much as any commodity. You’ll see lower listing prices if there are more houses for sale. In Philadelphia, availability is typically the highest in the late summer and early fall.

Housing Prices

Housing prices fluctuate with availability and economic factors like inflation. Philadelphia’s housing prices are typically at their lowest early in the year and rise as the year progresses.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates rise and fall throughout the year. Typically, the lowest rates are available in January and December.

Ease of Moving

Moving is a lot of work, so something as simple as the weather can influence your decision to move. Philadelphia experiences the highs and lows of every season. The spring and fall are great times to move to the area since temperatures are cool but not too cold.

Your Own Convenience

Overall, you should move when you need to move. If you need to be in Philadelphia by a certain time due to work or scholastic commitments, you can make it happen.

Best Areas to Buy a Home in Philadelphia

Every neighborhood in Philadelphia offers something unique. Before you move, look into the different parts of Philadelphia to see which fits your lifestyle best. Here are some of Philadelphia’s most charming

How to Find the Right Home for Your Family

Wherever you decide to live, ensure your new home matches your lifestyle and meets your family’s needs. At Streamline, we help people find the right home in Philadelphia by offering an immersive virtual reality real estate and home design experience. Whether you’re building a new home or shopping around Philadelphia’s bustling housing market, we’ll help you see the property before you commit so you know it’s the right one for your family.

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